Montag, 18. August 2014

BACK TO SCHOOL: School Supplies for 2014/2015

Hey guys!

Today I have a school supplies haul for you!

I bought five ballpoint pens at ALDI. 

These are available in yellow, green, purple, pink and blue and they come together in a pack.

And then I bought these exercise books. They are also from ALDI. I've had a bad experiences with folders, I am not a person who sorts loose sheets of paper into the folders. So I want to try to write in exercise books again.

Everyone needs a calendar! Mine is also from ALDI. I like the design and never actually buy a "cool" calendar, because I prefer to invest the money in other things.

This is a folder that has the Tower Bridge and the flag on the cover. It is also of ALDI.

Of course you also need a notebook where you can write in your homework. Mine is from Häfft. It is in English, what I find very cool.

These were all my new school supplies!

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