Sonntag, 3. August 2014

July Favourites 2014

Hey guys!

Today I want to share with you my July Favourites!

1. My fake Vans

I've been loving my fake Vans! I got them in Italy for 30€ (23,74£)
They are super comfortable and easy to style!

2. The Gliss Kur 1 Minute Intensive Treatment Ultimate Repair

I love this hair product! My hair is less damaged since I started using this and
 it's also not that expensive.

3. The Treacle Moon Body Milk in the flavour "one ginger morning"

I am a person who was never really convinced of a body milk. Either they took too long to soak in or I didn't like the smell. But the Treacle Moon Body Milk "one ginger morning" is sooooo good! It smells like the cola gummy bears from Haribo! The body milk costs  5,95€ (4,76£)

4. The essence perfume in "like a day in a candy shop"

Not everyone likes the smell, because it quite sweet. But I really like it for the summer and it lasts all day!
This is a very cheap perfume, but the quality is very good, I would say!

5. The Treacle Moon Shower Gel in the flavour "one ginger morning"

This shower gel smells exactly like the body milk! It's so refreshing in the summer and both bottles, the body milk one and the shower gel one are really big and last for over 2 months! It costs 3,95€ (3,16£)

6. Ed Sheeran's album 'X' (multiply)

I love Ed Sheeran's new album!!! It's absolutely amazing! He's really talented and is music is SOOOOO awesome! I've been loving all the songs! Especially "Tenerife Sea" (might be doing a music video on it for YouTube ;) )

Thanks for reading my post! Feel free to follow and comment bellow if you want me to do monthly Favourites! 

Stay classy, stay ratchet!