Sonntag, 31. August 2014

Müller, dm, New Yorker, H&M Haul and Yves Rocher

Hey guys!

Today I have a haul for you!
My sister and I went to the next biggest town and got some bits.

First of all, I got these index cards for school. I tohught they'd be quite helpful for studying and presentations. These were 1,49€.
I also got a non-permanent marker, because I have a magnetic board on my wall and the other marker broke. This was 1,49€ as well.
As some of you may know, I have a serious obsession with treaclemoon. I love their one ginger morning shower gel and bodymilk. And this is their new shower gel. "those lemonade days" smells like lemon (obviously duh!) and this was 3,95€.
Next, I needed some new hair ties and I got them. These are by ebelin and costed me 1,95€ for 12 hair ties.
I also got the Balea clarifying face tonic. It smells like green lemon and I read that it is absolutely amazing! (we'll see!) This was 1,45€. 
I also have an obsession with original source! I once had the strawberry one, then I bought the lemon one and now the little lime one. This was 0,95€. Who wants to see a review to the original source shower gels?
This summer is perfect for changes, so I decided to wear a little more make up then I usually do (concealer+mascara). I bought this absolute nude eyeshadow palette by Catrice, because I really like the colours and I think it would be a good start, right? This palette was 4,95€.
Talking about trying new things, I also bought my first ever blush! This is the Multi Colour Blush by Catrice. I am so excited to work with this and see how it looks on me. This was 3,95€.
Okay, so I don't exactly know what this is, but it says that it will remove your nail polish real quick. You just have to put your finger into it and there'll be a spone and then you twist your finger and the nail polish should be removed! I thought I'd try this out. This was 3,95€.  If you want me to review it then comment down below!
I also got 70 cotton pads, coz they're helpful with removing make up. (duh!) These were 0,65€.
New Yorker
This is a black muscle shirt that has a deer out of flowers on it and it says "OH MY DEER". I thought this would be quite cool, so I bought it. This was 9,95€. 
I also got this dark blue blouse with this checked and floral pattern. The blouse has a collar (which you can't see in the picture) and it is very light. This was 12,95€. 
I always wanted this black velvet hair tie, because I think they make every hair style a little cooler. I've seen this in a hair style vidoe a while ago and thought I needed this in my life, This was 1,99€.
I also got this red and blue checked shirt for 24,99€. I really love this shirt, because of the colours and the fit.
 Yves Rocher
Then I went into Yves Rocher and got this Jardins du Monde shower gel in Lime from Mexico. As you might have figured out by now, I love lemony and limey shower gels!! This was 1,95€.