Mittwoch, 13. August 2014

Amazon and Drugstore Haul

Hey guys!

Today's post is going to be an Amazon and Drugstore Haul!
My amazon order came today and my sister and I decided to shop some drugstore things at our local drugstore.

I bought this book for my friend's 18th birthday. It's Paper Town by John Green and this was 8,95€ (7,08£). I have never heard of the book, but I heard of John Green. As I said, this is a present for my friend.

As you might have seen in my Wishlist #1 post, I wanted to get one of these mason jars. And now I finally bought one! This mason jar is so cute and it also has a handle. It is made ​​of plastic and suitable for the dishwasher. The mason jar was 15,23€ (12,05£).

Can you relate? I always need a bobby pin and then I can't find one. These pins have an own life! I always loose them which is so annoying! The bobby pins were 0,79€ (0,63£).

I rebought the essence stay natural concealer, because it is really good and covers imperfections and reduces dark circles. This was 1,95€ (1,54£).

I've always wanted to try a deep conditioner and have bought the Garnier Fructis Colour Protector, because I dye my hair and I need to maintain it a lot. This was 3,45€ (2,73£).

My sister recommended me the L'Oréal Mega Volume miss manga mscara. We both haven't tried this mascara, so I am really excited to try it out. This product promises mega volume from top to bottom lashes.. Well we'll see! This was 7,96€ (6,30£).

Next, I bought these bonbons. I find it useful when you carry some bonbons in your bag, for example if you have a bad taste in your mouth. These are the Ricola Swiss Herbs Bonbon in Cranberry. They were 1,75€ (1,38£).
This is my favourite shampoo in the summer, because it smells like lemon and I love lemons! This was 1,45€ (1,15£).
A few years ago, I had a shower gel from original source in "strawberry". My English Exchange Sudent got me it as a present. And then, a few days ago, my sister told me that our local drugstore sells original source shower gels, so I had to get one. I got the one in "lemon and tea tree". It's really refreshing and perfect for the summer! This was 2,25€ (1,78£).

My sister also recommended me a make-up sponge that is in the shape of an egg. She's been using it for a long time and wanted me to try it out myself. Doe you want me to review this? The sponge was 2,49€ (1,97£).
Because I dye my hair blonde every month, I have to maintain it.  For this purpose I bought the trial size of the Syoss Repair Balm. I am very curious to see how it maintains. This was 1,25€ (0,99£). Do you want me to review this product as well?

Thanks for reading my post! Feel free to follow and comment down below if you want a review to one of the products.

Stay classy, stay ratchet!