Freitag, 8. August 2014

My Shower Routine

Hey guys!
Today I wanna show you what products I use in the shower!
Let's get started!!!

First, I use my shower gel. So I soap up my whole body. It is very refreshing and then you feel like a new person.
For my hair I use the natural beauty shampoo by GARNIER. It smells of lemon and olive oil. It maintains very good, and makes the hair look neat even without hair conditioner.
After I used my shampoo, I use the Gliss Kur 1 Minute Intensive Treatment Ultimate Repair. (Here is a review!)
It's an amazing product, because my hair feels silky and shiny. Also I have less split ends.
Recently I bought this deep conditioner. This deep conditioner is especially for dyed hair. I think it smells very nice and maintains very good!
 Thanks for reading my post! Feel free to follow and comment down below if you want to see more routines!

Stay classy, stay ratchet!