Montag, 25. August 2014


Hey guys!

Today I want to show you what I got from IKEA.

I bought these scented candles for 3,99€ (£3,19).
I love the floral print on them (might be drinking some tea out of them, cause they're soooo cute).

Me and my bf crashed my old mirror (PILLOW FIGHT!) so I needed a new one.
This was 7,99€ (£6,40).

Next thing is this candle dish. Can't remember how much this was, but the IKEA homepage says £1,50.
And then I wanted some picture frames. i bought this pack of two frames in white. In the left one is a picture of me and my best friend at the Holi Gaudy Festival and in the right one, I'll put a picture of me and my bf, but I don't have a picture yet, because he's currently in America for 3 and a half weeks :(